Welcome to the Nurture Circle, a sacred sanctuary where visionary practitioners and coaches gather to elevate their professional practice and embark on a soulful journey of awakening.

Within this sacred space, we honor the divine essence within each of us and embrace the power of unity and connection.

By joining the Nurture Circle, you embark on a profound journey of personal and professional growth, self-discovery, and transformation. This sacred invitation calls you to embrace your divine essence as a practitioner and unlock the boundless potential that resides within you. With the loving support, guidance, and unconditional acceptance of this sacred space you will expand your consciousness, align with the divine flow of the Universe, and fully embrace your true purpose.

Within this Circle, you can unearth and embrace your unique strengths, vulnerabilities, skills, and specializations as a practitioner. This deep self-awareness will empower you to align your true nature and purpose with your ideal clients and collaborators, creating a harmonious and soulful connection that serves the highest good of all.

Here you will be held, witnessed, and validated on your journey of growth. Whether you are soaring to new heights of success or facing challenges along the way, you will find unwavering support and understanding.

You can safely share old wounds, salve triggered memories and rewire anything that is impacting your ability to be present to your clients as the best version of you or anything else that is holding you back. We are a community that honors shadows as we turn up the light and celebrate progress and triumphs. Together we foster an environment of love, acceptance, and spiritual growth.

Step into the transformative embrace of the Nurture Circle, where you are invited to dive deep into the depths of your being, uncover your true essence, and awaken to your soul's purpose.

Allow the loving energy of this sacred space to guide you on your path of self-discovery, expansion, and divine alignment.

Together, we co-create a tapestry of love, wisdom, and transformation that illuminates and ultimately changes the world.

What You Get:

  • Monthly 1.5-2 hour live Zoom group supervision and coaching session, infused with divine energy,

  • Connection with a community of like-hearted and like-minded practitioners, creating a web of spiritual support,

  • Private group chat for ongoing soulful exchanges and peer collaboration,

  • Direct messaging access to Arwen, your trusted guide and intuitive mentor,

  • VIP invitations to special events and launches, where sacred wisdom is shared,

  • Free resources: downloadable PDFs, meditations, and processes, nurturing your spiritual growth.

What you’ll get out of Nurture Circle:

  • Professional skills, knowledge and understanding in working with trauma as a trauma-informed practitioner you serve your clients better while protecting yourself increase your confidence and skills at managing challenging clients and their situations what to do with vicarious trauma,

  • How to avoid burnout and the importance of self-care,

  • Gain significant personal insights and understanding,

  • Experience transformations that filter into all aspects of your life,

  • Trust and use your intuition when working with clients,

  • Know when to refer-out clients or not take clients on,

  • Clarity on who you are here to serve and why your story matters,

  • How to maintain high ethical standards and integrity,

  • The importance of setting clear boundaries,

  • When and when not to disclose your own stories,

  • Your duty of care: what to do when a client is unsafe or you suspect they are

    confidentiality, client contracts and insurance,

  • Competently charge more for your professionalised services,

  • How to market your business from the heart,

  • Attract ideal clients that are ready, right and wiling to pay for you.

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