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21 days of Unlimited Yoga Plus-(LA Residents only)

You receive all the benefits of a full membership for 21 days.

Build a new habit; How would you like to feel in 21 days? Set an intention and make a commitment to:






-Quiet your mind

-Develop focus and skill

-Heal your pain

-Move with freedom


Quiet your mind and de-stress. Feel great in your body.

Inner balance and well-being found here. Would you like to know more about how our classes can help you? Let us guide you, we would love to chat and personalize your yoga journey. Once you book your trial membership we will connect with you in a personal one-on-one consult.


*I think Rising Lotus has a particularly happy energy. I also find it less snooty than other yoga places. The people seem regular and real. not like some new-age sorority."

"I wanted a studio where i could have a strong physical practice along with non-dogmatic philosophical / spiritual grounding. I couldn't have explained what i was looking for in words, but I researched all the studios I could find in the area and RLY was exactly what I thought I was looking for. It turned out to be even more wonderful than that.

"Rising Lotus is a supportive and nurturing community, and I have learned everything I know about yoga in this studio. The people are warm and most importantly, the teachers are encouraging and skilled at their craft."

We use Zoom for our online classes

You will receive two emails after you book a class. One right away and one, one hour before your class starts. Please contact us immediately if you don't receive them. Check your spam! And make sure you have all your communication options toggled on in your account.

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