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Connection Option Two: ~ Simply Pop Over A Few Good ‘Time WINDOWS’ That Are Good (Open & Available) For YOU To Pick From So We Can Easily Connect Without Playing TAG. ~ Send Request: Results@DeanHankey.com

Share 3 - 5 Good Time WINDOWS That Are Good/Open For You, Then All We Have to Do Is Pick from the open days and time in one reply Without having to Play the proverbial “TAG” back n’ forth. - EZ-PZ!’


- Mo: 10a - 2p | 5p - 8p (PT)*

- Tu: 9a - 12p | 2p - 5p (PT)*

- We: 10a - 5p (PT)*

- Th: Booked

- Fr: 8a - 4p | 6p - 8p (PT)*

- Sa: 3p - 5p (PT)*

- Su: 3p - 8p (PT)*


Because People Book From All Over The World; Please Make SURE To Share in ‘PACIFIC’ Time Zones. - Thank You!