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About In2Win!

I call In2Win! a "smart book" because every page is connected to more relevant information on the internet. This means In2Win! never grows old, and the more people add to it the smarter it gets. I think all books should be written this way. You can add text, images, audio and video so the options are limitless. The social media interface is only available to Career Network Club members and purchasers of the hard copy of the book.

What Fans Say About In2Win!

Curt has succinctly nailed the 7 core fundamentals every
professional should keep in mind whenever they are in their career.

I wish more professionals realized how important
these simple strategies can be.

Bruce P.

Partner, IQ Partners

As a senior professional I like to be pushed to think differently and I can count on Curt to push my thinking beyond my boundaries.

In2Win! exemplifies this perfectly as Curt brings a ‘tell-it-like-it-needs-to-be-told’ approach and gets you thinking.

Doug F.


In2Win! Is a provocative read that is an absolute must for
all professionals in today’s market who are considering or transitioning
towards an executive move.

Shelley M.

Senior Sales, Marketing Leader

Curt’s brilliance is in sharing ‘tough love’ questions that must be answered by any professional in career transition.

The gems of advice uncovered in this book apply to anyone serious about their career.

Joe C.

Project Management Consultant

In2Win! reflects Curt’s unique coaching style, which has helped countless professionals, including myself, manage through the emotional rollercoaster ride of career transition.

Domenic P.


When in transition the best investment you can make is to hire Curt Skene as your career coach.

The second-best investment is to read and heed his thoughts and ideas in his book.

Charlene N.

General Manager

Curt brings a refreshingly honest approach to career management.

In an era of rapidly changing
recruitment technology, he has created a career guide that will remain relevant
for years to come.

Karen T.

President, Panthera Partnerst

Curt Skene has created a succinct, matter-of-fact guideline
for professionals in transition that is an ideal resource for setting objectives
and managing daily activity.

Jeff F.

Partner, Caldwell Partners

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A sneek preview of what's inside In2Win!

Curt Skene

Author, In2Win!

At Microsoft - Curt grew his business unit from $800K to over $36M in five short years. Most notably Curt was recognized as the worldwide founder of Microsoft Skills 2000, a career program that helped tens of thousands launch new careers in information technology. As President of ExecuTrain – Curt won four worldwide awards for business development and sales growth. At BrainBuzz Inc. – Curt grew the monthly revenues from $80K to $210K in just six short months. Curt is an expert on helping businesses grow. Curt is often sought out to speak at conferences and corporate retreats .

Curt is the author of In2Win! – The first “smart book” on landing your next brilliant career opportunity. In this competitive job market, it's good to know there ARE simple answers and changes you can make, right now, to get hired quick and easy.

Over twenty years later, it is still Curt's passion to help others find their dream job and to do this with confidence.