How This Simple Tibetan Tea Hack Changed My Life...

Stacy Grey (55)
Hi there! I'm a writer and blogger for my "passion project", Health Beat. Mother of 3, Grandma to 5 beautiful blessings. Now enjoying the best time of my life!
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Just spending the extra 10 seconds each time I drink tea has done wonders for my life...

Before I knew it... I had knocked out every body goal I set for myself. Not to mention my smile improved as well!

Now I have the energy to be the Grandma I've always wanted to be.

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238 TO 145

I seem to remember my 20's and 30's as my "Golden Years"...

Eating just about anything I could get my hands on. Especially when I got a break from the kids.

And the miracle was... I never even gained an ounce!

When I hit my 40's things took a turn for the worse.

All of the sudden I...

-Didn't have energy like I used to

-Got much more self conscious about all the weight I was putting on

-Started to feel the effects of inflammatory foods like purified white sugar

-Realized that all those foods I ate when I was younger was catching up to me

Reality hit me hard one day when I took my young grandsons to the water park.

We climbed the flights of stairs ALL the way to the top of the water slide. I was about to be that "Cool Grandma"

who wasn't afraid to take on new things...

But right before we went, one of the workers stopped me and said they thought I might have exceeded the "weight limit" of the slide.

I got bright red and could tell people were getting impatient with me holding up the line.

That walk of shame back down the stairs was the breaking point for me. I knew something had to change...

First thing I did when I got home was go on the internet to find something that could work for me.

Over the course of the next year, I had tried just about EVERYTHING.







You name it...

I was getting so frustrated that my body didn't want to budge.

Was there something wrong with me internally?

I decided it was finally time to swallow my pride and call my friend Jen. 

She was a nutritionalist, and if there was anyone that could help me it was her.

After venting to her for over an hour about all the struggles I was going through, she took a long pause and said she wasn't really supposed to be telling me this, but we had been friends a long time and I think she had some sympathy for me.

She explained to this new "peer reviewed research" coming out in the medical world. It hadn't fully been released to the public yet but she linked me a video explaining all the science behind it.

I watched the video and needless to say, I was skeptical...

I mean, Tea just seemed so simple compared to the other rigorous things I tried.

But I trusted Jen, and put my skepticism aside.

To be perfectly honest, that was the best decision I had ever made...

I am so happy that I listened to my Heart instead of my Head.

And ever since adopting that new "Tibetan Tea Hack", my entire life began to change.

My hubby even jumped on board with me! (yup it works for men too)

My grandkids are back to calling me "Super Grandma"!

My energy levels returned and I felt like I was in high school again.

The tea actually whitened my teeth so my smile is glowing!

I even dropped a few dress sizes!

And my personal favorite... I'm no longer uncomfortable with myself in a bikini...

Tap below to see the incredible video that Jen had sent me.

I hope to help as my people as I can with this story!

    --Stacy Grey--

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